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Value-added & Customer-oriented Services

As a bridge between the U.S. government and contractors, we can speed up your registration in U.S. Government Systems such as and Our team has decades of experience in NATO and US government procurement and logistics process, and are familiar with military supply chain and material management.

SAM Registration

With decades of experience serving in NATO and US Government, our team has the capabilities and expertise to take your business to the next level, and speed up the registration and renewal process in SAM and any other government systems which are connected to SAM, obtaining UEI and CAGE faster. 

NCS Codification System

We provide training and consultation related to the NATO Codification System (NCS): Overview of NCS, its history and development; Principles of NCS Cataloging; How to apply for NCS; How to implement NCS … etc.. Please contact us to schedule a training or consultancy services.

ISO 22745 Standard Catalog

We can help you to create standardized product specifications for your company's products and services that conform to ISO 8000/ ISO 22745, as well as US DoD and NATO requirements. Standard catalogs help to reduce duplicates in the inventory and procurement, they are also required by some countries or big e-stores like Amazon and Walmart if you want to export/sell goods to them.

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