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Integrated Solution for ISO 8000 Data Quality

ISO 8000 Quality Data is the key to Smart Manufacturing and Digital Supply Chain!

ISO 8000 is a key element of Smart Manufacturing and building a digital supply chain, and it can benefit just about any company. There are several aspects to implementing ISO 8000, and implementation by companies can be approached using the steps outlined below. Arnett & Lin Consultants can assist you in implementing these steps and finding the ISO 8000 solution that will work best for your organization.

STEP 1: Obtain an Authoritative Legal Entity Identifier (ALEI)

Find and Register your ALEI at

Having an ALEI will show your customers and trading partners where your company is legally registered and allow them to see the registration certificate. That is a big advantage to them related to meeting “know your suppliers” laws and regulations. Also, obtaining ALEIs for your customers and trading partners is a great way to protect your company and ensure compliance. The ALEI app is located at

STEP 2: Obtain a SmartPrefix for your company

ISO 8000-115 Quality Identifier for Products and Services

SmartPrefixes make it easier for your customers and potential buyers to find the products and services you make when they search the Web. Also, SmartPrefixes create a definitive, branded identifier for products and services that your company and your customers can use for their digital supply chain and in their databases. The SmartPrefix app is located at

STEP 3: Add your SmartPrefix to your products and services

Solution to DMS and Enabler of Smart Manufacturing

After your company obtains a SmartPrefix, you should link it to all of your company's part numbers in your Web catalog using the standard protocol defined in ISO 8000, which is SmartPrefix:PartNumber.

STEP 4: Create standardized product specifications that conform to ISO 8000 and ISO 22745

Low cost and permanent solution to data quality

Create standardized product specifications for your company's products and services that conform to ISO 8000. There are a number of ways you can do that: You can create them yourself using the eSDFx Builder at You can also hire us to assist you with creating the specifications. In addition, you can also use these methods/tools to create a standardized buy side catalog in cooperation with your suppliers. It’s easier and cheaper than you might think, and it’s a lot cheaper than data cleansing. Also, ISO 8000 is a low cost and permanent solution to data quality. Data cleansing is an expensive and never ending solution.

Want to become ISO 8000 compliant or create ISO 8000/ 22745 standard product specification and catalog? Just send a message to!

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