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eSTS/SDFx - ISO 8000 product specifications

eSTS/SDFx is a digital version of a technical specification which has been formatted in XML in accordance with ISO standard 22745-40 and encoded using the ECCMA Open Technical Dictionary (eOTD®). 
In an eSTS/SDFx, all the names of characteristics used to describe a product or a service are converted to eOTD numbers, which in turn are linked to the terminology (words and definitions) in the eOTD. That is a fundamental principle of ISO 8000 quality data.
If you are looking at a specification on a website, you may notice that when you hover over a characteristic name or a coded value in a specification, the definition pops up in a box. This is an example of ISO 8000 quality data, where everything is explicit: All words and codes are defined in a dictionary that is linked to the specification. From a technical point of view, publishing an ISO 8000 quality technical specification on a website is very straightforward, and it is rapidly becoming best practice. See for a good example.
We provide consulting and training services to help you create - ISO 22745 compliant Standard Technical Specifications and load them to eSMD, a global Technical Specifications Registry.