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Active SAM registration is required for federal contracts or grants, and for you to receive payments from the federal government!

What We Do For You

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Save time in registering System for Award Management & Stay compliant is used by businesses and organizations that want to do business with the federal government or obtain grants. We specialize in helping organizations in foreign countries register in With more than two decades of experience, both inside and outside of the Federal government, we have the expertise to get companies registered and ready to bid on contract opportunities or apply for grants. The US government has more than $673 billion in appropriations to spend for contracts with private companies in FY23. Last year it signed more than 11 million contracts for defense articles as well as for just about every type of goods and services that are offered in the private sector. Check out our LinkedIn site at Steven Arnett | LinkedIn for more information. Nations that are part of the WTO Government Procurement Agreement, which includes all the EU nations + United Kingdom, Australia, and Japan, among others, can bid on US government contract opportunities on an equal footing with US companies. Also, the US government each year provides billions of dollars in grants to foreign organizations that do charitable work, medical research, and other things that benefit humanity, and those organizations must be registered in to apply for a grant.

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International Customer Service and Translation

Connect with Global Suppliers and Partners

With fluency in a variety of languages, we provide quality translation of technical documents, software interfaces and content in English, French and Chinese. We provide customer service and the critical link between companies and their international customers and trading partners. We also help global suppliers and contract manufacturers deliver data, in the required language, to meet their customers’ requirements. We have solid experience in doing technical and non-technical translation, including companies’ data dictionaries.

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NATO Codification, Federal Cataloging, and Corporate Cataloging

50 years NCS knowledge and Network

With more than 50 years combined experience with the NATO Codification System and NATO Allied Committee 135, which manages the NCS, we can provide advice and consultation to nations and defense contractors looking to implement the system.  We also provide training on the NCS, and can help companies use NCS data to gain valuable business intelligence that can help them obtain government contracts. We are also specialists in the Federal Catalog System.

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